Saturday, January 31, 2009

The One

When I was planning my own wedding, I ran to the bookstore on the first of every month eager to buy all the new bridal magazines. I would pore over them for hours, looking for the perfect dress, cake, flowers, and of course, my first love, invitations. I worked as a graphic designer and I knew that I would at least make a portion of my own wedding invitation set, but I was constantly looking for ideas and inspiration. One day I came across THE ONE. You know when you see THE ONE, right? Whether it's "your" dress, "your" flower arrangement, or somewhat less significantly, "your" fiancée (kidding!), you know in your heart that something special is happening in that moment. You suck in your breath, your eyes glaze over, and suddenly life as you knew it is never the same. Okay, okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic about paper. I don't think so, but the argument could be made. ;)

I called the design studio that offered "my" invitation set to get a quote and when I received the email, I had to rub my eyes to make sure that there wasn't something wrong that was causing me some sort of double vision. For 100 invitations, the quote was for $4,000.00.

'Scuse me?

Clearly, I had to break up with "The One." I mourned for months.

Now that I own a wedding stationery design business myself, I understand that certain elements of a wedding invitation set can be pricey depending on the details. But Bethany and I also believe that any bride, regardless of her budget CAN afford a beautiful, custom set that perfectly reflects the day that she has dreamed about. It is our business to get as creative as we can to set up something affordable AND beautiful for the bride that has a set budget for invitations. And really, how many of us don't? We get it because we've both been there ourselves. We like to tell our brides that our average set usually falls between $3 and $6 for each set (that is including the invitation, return envelope with printed return address, reception card, rsvp card, and rsvp envelope with printed address), but we also do many weddings that fall above and below that price range. Call us and we will happily work with you!

We are constantly searching for new materials that are not only beautiful, but that will save our brides money. I am always trying to come up with new designs that use less paper but that are still creative and have that "wow" factor that every bride wants. Stop into our shop and look through the new designs that combine fancy elements such as wraps, ribbons, and embellishments, using materials that are beautiful and affordable.

Give us a call! Nothing would make us happier than to introduce you to THE ONE. :)


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